Weight Lifting: Why It’s A Necessity For Women Seeking To Get Fit

Many women when it comes on to fitness and weight loss, are more likely to focus on diet and aerobic conditioning or cardio exercises. While these are very key components of any weight management and/or weight loss and fitness program, women focusing on these alone are quite likely doing themselves a disservice. Still, many women shy away from weight lifting. Below, we debunk many popular weight training myths that are keeping many women away from their best body yet.

Two Main Myths About Women and Weight Lifting Debunked

1. Weight training makes women masculine

It is true that weight lifting will build muscle mass, definition, and tone. It is also true that significantly increasing muscle is more of a reality for men than women. Generally, women are not able to produce muscles with the sort of bulk and definition that would begin to make them look masculine. As such, women need not be worried about this. Weight training is simply going to help women tone up and look lean and fit, not bulky and masculine.

2. Weight training doesn’t burn fat the way cardio does

While it is true that cardio exercises are great for fat burning and weight loss, coupling cardio with strength or weight training is bound to amp up weight loss and fitness results. For starters, women who lift weights are more likely to maintain higher metabolic rates and fat burning capabilities on account of having more muscle. Additionally, women with more muscle burn fat for longer periods post-workout and have a higher resting or basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Getting Started with Lifting Weights

Even with understanding the benefits lifting weights can provide for women seeking to lose weight and get fit, getting started can be intimidating. As such it helps to start slowly and start with a plan. A good way to get both the support and expertise needed to lift weights efficiently is to join a gym and opt for a few strength training sessions. Weight lifting three times a week using a combination of free weights and machines is recommended. Trainers and other gym attendants are on hand to assist. As is the case with just about everything, lifting weights effectively begin with gaining knowledge. Take the time to learn proper form for each exercise for maximum benefits and results. Practicing proper form will also help to stave off injuries and the discomforts that come with them.