Transforming people and enterprises through a values-based approach

Work without purpose leads to unfulfilled people and unrealized enterprises

A growing number of professionals are not satisfied working for corporate, nonprofit, and government institutions. They seek to align their work to their purpose and are unwilling to compromise their values. If unaddressed, professionals will lack fulfillment in their work and lives and institutions will lose out on industry transforming opportunities

Forerunners unlocks people through a values-based approach

Forerunners (for-run-ners) is a term derived from the arabic term, sa-bi-qoon, and reflects the early adopters, visionaries, and trailblazers that help lay the path for transformation.

In keeping with that tradition, Forerunners works with high-impact and high-potential individuals and enterprises seeking to transform themselves and their industries by coaching them in our proprietary methodology. This methodology is based on Islamic concepts blended with proven practices.

We inspire people, ideas, and enterprises through round tables, socials, and summits

We recruit high-potential and high-impact individuals to join our network as Forerunners

We train and mentor these Forerunners in our proprietary model built on Islamic values

We deploy Forerunners into leadership roles, startups, and other ventures to drive transformational impact 

We develop and deploy high-impact and high-potential Forerunners to transform key industries 



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Our model is to build a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and founders around our proprietary approach based on Islamic values to build transformative ventures.

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