From Isolation to Elevation

Founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals operate in an environment that is defined through money, power, fame, and pedigree. This can lead to professionals that have a sense of purpose in their personal lives, to feel uniquely unfulfilled in their professional environment. They try to derive purpose through loose organic networks that connect haphazardly, limiting our collective impact and scale on business success and societal challenges. 

The irony is that we are surrounded by community interacting with family and friends on a daily basis. Why can’t we take that scale derived from our value systems, and apply it to our careers, our institutions, and our communities? That is the mission of Forerunners.

Who are Forerunners?

Forerunners (for-run-ners) is a term derived from the arabic term, sa-bi-qoon, and reflects the early adopters, visionaries, and trailblazers that help lay the path for transformation.  

As an entity, Forerunners is a community that invites executives, entrepreneurs, and founders who are aspiring to doing their work from a higher level of consciousness translate those values into existing and new ventures, and facilitate connection and collaboration to scale.

In our current environment, we think Forerunners are:

If these values speak to you, we invite you to join our community!

Forerunners connects people, ideas, and funding for transformational change through its Network and Ventures

Forerunners Network

A community for founders, executives, and professionals who achieve success without compromising their values. Through the network, Forerunners connects talent, investors, and experts to accelerate industry transformation in accordance with values.

Forerunners Ventures

A portfolio of enterprises that apply our value-driven approach to market generating opportunities. Through our ventures, we demonstrate the success of utilizing a principle based approach to develop transformational enterprises. 

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