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Purposeful Pathways is a One-Year Journey of Holistic Instruction, Coaching, and Mentorship to Align Your Work to your Purpose and Values

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Start your journey to align your work with your purpose and connect with your tribe through Purposeful Pathways 

The Launch

Start your journey by finding your "north star" and creating an action plan 


Development Workshops

Regularly group mentoring sessions and workshops on aligning your work and ventures with your values 


1:1 coaching to help you develop your plan for transitioning to your purposeful path

Is Purposeful Pathways Right For You?

Consider applying if you are...

What is the Forerunners Network?

Forerunners is a community for founders, executives, and professionals who achieve success without compromising their values. Through the network, Forerunners connects talent, investors, and experts to accelerate industry transformation in accordance with values.

We share what we have learned as successful founders and executives by discovering our purpose, leading with our values, and finding ways to succeed on our own terms as executives and entrepreneurs.

Once you engage in this program, you become part of the Forerunners Network to connect you with curated mentors and coaches to help you on your journey.

Learning and coaching from transformation experts!

Collectively, the team delivering the Purposeful Pathways program has:

Awais Sheikh

Omar Altalib

Ahmad Ashkar

"We don't want people to  just go through a one-and-done class. The leaders we select should have a feeling that they have a true support system they can rely on so they don't have to navigate their path alone without practical support through our established networks"

Awais Sheikh  (Forerunners Network, Founder)